CommercialAugust 2, 2018

3 keys to unlock a great Escape Room

Whether you’re opening your own Escape Room, or refreshing your room with a new game, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a blank canvas. But how to turn those buzzing ideas into reality?

First, decide who will do the legwork. It is possible to outsource the design process to a third party, with a few specialist Escape Room design and construction companies operating in the UK. However, it is also possible to DIY a successful game.

Now you’re ready to get brainstorming, what do you need to consider? Here are 3 key ideas to unlock your Escape Room’s full potential…


Start by deciding on an interesting theme for your room. It could be a period in history, a place, time, or work of fiction. Though money isn’t everything, Immersive Tech’s Jeff Jang does think you should take budget into account when picking a theme.

“It’s not very immersive or engaging when you try to make a spaceship on a shoe-string budget,” he says.

Creative puzzles

It’s time to think outside the box. Puzzles can involve logic, general knowledge, problem-solving, skill or luck. What would work in this room? Should teamwork be encouraged, or could you add a Crystal Maze-style level of jeopardy?

Your puzzles could match the theme, for example, a hieroglyphic cipher in an Ancient Egyptian room, or you could mix things up with technologically-aided devices such as laser reveals or live effects, available from specialist Escape Room suppliers.


Arguably as important as the puzzles themselves, ‘game flow’ brings the game together – where and when things happen, enhancing the experience.

“Different areas of the room start forming and we can start to see the order in which players will complete things,” explains Jang.

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