In the devastating event that something happens which makes your home no longer fit to live in, a Buildings Cover policy can pay for alternative accommodation alongside the structural repair costs, with a limit of potentially up to £1million.

Covers for

  • Fires, floods, storm and earthquakes
  • Theft/Vandalism to the property
  • Damage from water/oil leaks
  • Damage from severe weather
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Fallen trees/ branches
  • Accidental Damage (optional)


Most of us keep the majority of our possessions in our homes and if something like a flood or a fire does affect your home, we can ensure you have sufficient cover in place to replace these as soon as possible.

Whilst our cover protects the contents inside your house, we can also cover items kept outside or in an outbuilding, as well as the fuel and metered water keeping your home running.

Covers for 

  • Furniture/soft furnishings
  • Kitchenware
  • Technology/electricals
  • Clothes
  • Leisure/sports equipment
  • White goods
  • Increased protection during religious festivals


Special Possessions

Our Special Possessions Cover protects items which wouldn’t naturally be covered under Contents Cover due to their nature or value such as fine art and antiques. Most insurers set a limit for single items, therefore if you own something worth a lot more than this limit, you may require Specialist Possessions Cover.

For example, some Contents Cover might insure pedal bikes up to the value of £300, but if you own a very high-performance bike this could be worth in the region of thousands. This would be something which could then be considered for Special Possessions Cover.

Covers for

  • Pedal bikes
  • Fine art
  • Jewellery
  • Antiques
  • Watches
  • Rare collections
  • Hearing aids


If you work from home, there will usually be equipment associated with your work which wouldn’t be covered under your standard Contents Cover. We can ensure that these items are protected so you can resume work as quickly as possible under any unforeseen circumstances.

Our Homeworkers Cover will ensure that equipment/stock vital to getting your work done is protected so you can stay up-and-running.

Covers for

  • Office equipment
  • Supplies
  • Furnishings
  • Sample stock

Home Emergency Cover

Imagine you’re at home and a pipe suddenly bursts, or the electricity goes when you’re cooking Sunday lunch for the in-laws.

When faced with these situations, it can be hard to know who to call and more importantly, who will do the job right.

With access to specialist providers of home emergency insurance and domestic repair services, we can help you to stay calm in a crisis situation.


Don’t know who to turn to in a crisis? 

We include access to a 24-hour helpline, approved repairmen, a two-hour response assurance for water and electrical emergencies and a guarantee with permanent repairs.

Non-standard home insurance

Do you have a unique home?

If your house falls outside the typical definition of a ‘bricks and mortar’ building, it may be classified as a non-standard household. This could make it more difficult to get insurance at a competitive price. Are you the owner of a non-standard home?


The age of your property can greatly affect your chance of getting cover from a number of insurance providers. If your home is 100+ years, it may become increasingly difficult to insure.

Crime/Claim Rate

If you live in an area with a high crime rate or an area where a number of claims have been made, it may be more difficult to insure your house as this is one of the most common factors insurers consider.


Those living in an area with a flood risk, even if their home hasn’t previously been flooded, may find obtaining regular home insurance difficult and at a higher cost.

Thatched Roof Properties

You could find that many insurers who will insure thatched roof properties charge higher premiums due to the increased risk of fire damage.

Previous Claims

If you have had made previous claims, this can subsequently make it more difficult to insure your home.  Insurers share claims information so a refusal from one can be indicative of a general trend amongst other insurers.

Common Home Insurance claims

We take a look at some of the most common Home Insurance Claims

  • Water Damage

The leading cause of home insurance claims in the UK.

  • Weather/Storm Damage

Causing immediate damage or long-term erosion.

  • Theft

Statistics suggest that only 9% of contents stolen are usually recovered.

  • Accidental damage

Defined as an unintentional accident which harms your home and/or contents.

  • Fire

The effects can be devastating and often mean a high insurance claim.

Keeping a clear head in an emergency


Our friendly team at The Insurance Centre will discuss your options with you so that you can be confident that your home’s utilities are protected, either with one product or several within one policy. Take a look at the risks Home Emergency Cover can cover you against and what you can do personally to mitigate the risk in your home.

Key Features: 

  • Boiler failure or burst pipes
  • Water supply failure
  • Roof damage
  • Pest infestation
  • Electricity failure
  • Issues with doors/windows and locks

Maintenance Tips: 

  • Check grout in kitchen/bathrooms
  • Regularly inspect plumbing for leaks
  • Don’t wait for the issue to get worse
  • Test smoke detectors often
  • Service your boiler
  • Watch out for mould/mildew
  • Remain vigilant in severe weather
  • Clean gutters and downspouts



Specialist Cover

If you own a high net worth property, we can arrange a policy to suit the size, nature and location of your home.

If you need cover for your home away from home our specialist team can help with a policy tailored to your unique holiday home.

If you own a listed Grade 1 or Grade 2 property, it can be expensive to repair as specific materials and specialists are often required.

We have been using The Insurance Centre for a good number of years and they have always offered very competitive prices and they also answer any questions and queries efficiently.

Being able to call or visit the office has meant I’ve not had to spend time trying to contact insurance companies, which has enabled me to concentrate on other areas of our business.

I highly recommend this company and wouldn’t consider using anywhere else for our insurance needs. They are centred around customer care and the dedicated team are friendly, approachable and highly professional.

TIC are a company that care and they always go the extra mile.

Mrs K Smith | Lancaster

The Insurance Centre has provided insurance services to our company for a number of years. Their approach to customer service is incomparable, with expert advice and the most competitively priced policies to suit our business needs.

The support continues all through the insurance process from obtaining the initial quotations, changes to the cover during the term of the policy and providing assistance during accidents and claims. The Insurance Centre responds promptly and professionally to any communication.

We would highly recommend the company to anyone who is looking for a helpful, friendly, proactive and efficient approach to insurance services.

| Bay Scaffolding Ltd

I found The Insurance Centre a great company to deal with when sourcing my combined brewery and tap room insurance policy.

Suzanne’s advice was second-to-none, her attention to detail and tenacious approach meant that I was covered when my business was ready to open at a premium that was the most competitive amongst the quotes I had obtained. I will definitely be working with The Insurance Centre again in the future.

Dom Hope-Smith, Director | Carnival Brewing Company

Ourselves and a number of our extended family members have used The Insurance Centre for the past 30 plus years for both our business and personal insurances. Nothing is too much trouble and all our queries are dealt with swiftly. We could not recommend them highly enough.

Sarah and Ben Johnson | High Net Worth and Property portfolio client

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