Escape RoomsAugust 3, 2018

5 Reasons People Love Escape Rooms

Whether it’s having the living daylights scared out of us by a fake zombie outbreak or the quiet satisfaction of cracking a tricky challenge, people love to play Escape Rooms – which might be why the number of venues in the UK has steadily doubled every six months for the last four years.


But what makes playing room games so irresistible? We take a look at the psychology behind why people love to visit Escape Rooms…

1. People like being scared

Strange but true, as long as we know we’re in a safe environment – i.e. not in any real danger – we enjoy having our pulses raised.

The combination of being scared, having a time limit and the sheer physical activity of getting up and running about results in a rush of adrenaline and releases mood-boosting endorphins.

2. It’s great brain training

We train our bodies at the gym, but what about our minds?

Challenges and puzzles are good for our brains, improving cognitive function, memory and research suggests even helping stave off cognitive impairments such as dementia.

3. It gives you a rush of endorphins

Escaping the real world through computer games or movies is all very well – but you’re not really there.

Escape Rooms utilise almost all of your senses and immerse you in a physical experience unlike anything else.

4. It can make you more outgoing 

It’s been reported that people behave differently in an Escape Room environment to the outside world, and are often more willing to speak up with their own ideas, opinions and expertise.

This new-found self-confidence can have a knock-on effect in the real world.

5. Teamwork bonds you together 

Psychology graduate and Escape Room owner Ali Cheetham says, “Generally, teams that go out and explore the room and try new things are the ones that do the best. Teams that can’t communicate well, generally don’t do so well.”

Escape Rooms are a fun, inventive alternative to the cinema or going for a meal. Whether you attend with family, friends or colleagues, exploring, working and laughing together is sure to create some memories.