CommercialAugust 2, 2018

A trick of the light…

Escape room businesses create just that – an escape from everyday life for players, and a totally immersive experience unlike any other leisure pastime.

No matter the theme of your rooms, you can utilise all five senses to create a full experience for your game players.

Today, we take a look at how sight – or the lack of it – can be used to create some impactful effects…

  • Blackouts and blindfolds

The absence of light can be as effective as the fanciest special effects. Perhaps the lights go out at a key moment in the game, leaving players to complete a task by feel alone, or a player is blindfolded as part of a challenge. Safety must always come first though – make sure darkness only takes place in safe spaces with no tripping hazards.

  • No windows

By refusing to let gamers see the outside world, you will create a completely immersive experience. Choosing a dramatic location is key – subterranean rooms can create a host of windowless environments, while large period windows could be covered with coloured film.

  • Themed furniture, decor and props 

Never let the mask slip. Even the cleverest puzzles can be let down by bad production values. Make sure everything in your room is themed, from props your guests will be using to decorating the walls.

  • Down to the last detail

Nothing is too small to escape the theme. The reception area your guests first enter before the game should match the theme, perhaps with distressed walls and props, while even the toilets can be decorated to match.

No matter what trick-of-the-eye you treat your guests to, regularly check that your escape room is covered by talking to your broker at The Insurance Centre.