PersonalJuly 8, 2019

Could you save money with multi-trip travel insurance?

When going on a trip, a quarter of travellers buy their single-trip travel insurance at the last minute, often opting for the cheapest deal available. While this may seem like a cost-effective option at the time, this strategy will not only leave you at risk of not having sufficient cover in place, but it may also cost you more money per annum if this isn’t your only trip away in the year.

Risks with price comparison travel insurance
It’s very easy to buy travel insurance online nowadays, it just takes a few clicks and you’re covered for the duration of your trip… or so you think. The trouble with buying travel insurance online at the last minute is that it’s not often clear what’s included and whether it suits you or the nature of your trip. If you’re participating in high-risk activities while you’re away, it’s likely these will be excluded under a standard insurance policy and, if you’ve previously had/currently have a medical condition, you will require specialist cover.

No-one wants to think about what could go wrong before or during your trip, but it’s necessary in order to get properly covered. The costs incurred through an uninsured event can be much more than you expect. Medical expenses alone can quickly run into the thousands, and if you don’t have a clear idea of the exclusions and terms associated with your policy you could be left unexpectedly out of pocket.

Benefits of insuring in advance
Even though many insure their trip shortly before they’re due to fly, you could reap a lot more benefits by organising your insurance when you arrange your trip. This means that you can protect yourself against the risk of cancellation, delays and more.

Arranging your travel insurance in advance also enables you to open up your cover to account for upcoming trips, so you’re not paying a larger one-off sum for each individual trip.

Multi-trip travel insurance
A recent survey by a leading insurer found that the average holidaymaker goes on three trips a year, yet we’re still overspending in the millions on single-trip travel cover. Even if you haven’t considered your next holiday, your multi-trip cover will cover you for the trips you take throughout the year regardless. With this cover in place, you don’t need to worry about arranging last minute travel insurance.

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