CommercialMarch 11, 2020

Diversifying your Rage Room – what else could you offer?

While your Rage Room business is booming, is there more you can do to make the most out of your space and increase your revenue? We take a look at increasingly popular stress-busting pastimes gaining in popularity across the UK that could tie in with your Rage Room enterprise. 

Axe throwing bar 

Ever heard of urban axe throwing? It’s a new trend which is dragging the art of axe throwing from rural areas into the city. Axe throwing venues are typically made up in a ‘Mad Max’ style setting, with wooden target boards nailed onto stripped walls surrounded by metal mesh and punk-esque aesthetics. These venues have already started to pop up in cities such as Manchester, London and Birmingham and many accommodate friendly leagues as well as alternative date nights. Could your Rage Room venue accommodate your own axe throwing venture? 

Escape room 

While you might need to consider the acoustics of your venue in terms of the noise coming from your Rage Rooms, if you have extra space you need to fill, it may be worth exploring the world of Escape Rooms. From space-themed adventures to gritty murder mysteries, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of rooms you can create. There’s a huge demand for new and innovative Escape Rooms right now so it may just be the right time to become part of the movement. 

Angle grinding 

Fire artists and angle grinders know how to heat things up and many hold classes for people to learn the art for themselves. Why not try reaching out to those with unusual hobbies in your area to give them a place to host their classes or refine their own technique? Talk to them about what they need to stay safe and the type of space that they’re looking for and try to accommodate this.  

Zombie experience  

Especially around Halloween, zombie experiences are extremely popular amongst horror fans and adrenaline junkies. This is where venues hire a whole host of actors to become zombies for the night, providing an immersive experience for the audience. If this sounds like a lot of time and effort, there are companies who will do the hard work for you, sourcing actors, make-up and props; they can even design the full set for you. These experiences can range between £50-£100pp, so you can quickly reclaim your costs and start seeing a profit if this sounds like something you can facilitate. 

If you’re thinking about diversifying your Rage Room or looking to review your current Rage Room Insurance, why not get in touch with our specialists at The Insurance Centre? We know what goes into running a Rage Room and the risks involved and, if you want to make any changes, we can ensure these remain covered under your policy. To find out more, get in touch here.