Escape RoomsApril 26, 2022

Four common Escape Room mistakes and how to stop making them

We’ve all got our pet peeves and when it comes to Escape Rooms, some antics get players reaching for the emergency exit. We look at five common Escape Room mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. 

  1. Not telling a story 

Every good Escape Room needs a story behind it. Whether your players are solving a murder mystery in the room of an old stately home, exploring the ancient Egyptian tombs, escaping zombies in an abandoned hospital or something else entirely, it’s essential to create an immersive experience. The puzzles that the players solve should also be linked to this story, making sense within the narrative of the game. With the quality of Escape Rooms available, filling a room with tenuous puzzles and padlocks without any thought behind why they’re there simply won’t cut it. 

  1. Fair and fun… or frustrating? 

Do you punish your players for too many failed attempts with time lockdowns? Or do you only offer a certain number of hints before you start issuing time penalties for further aids? While it’s good to have rules in place, you need to consider whether these are reasonable for the experience of the players involved. For first-timers, unlimited hints may be necessary for them to build their confidence and enjoy the game, while more experienced players will appreciate having to use a set amount wisely. To get this right, make sure you have a great Game Master on your team who can sense when the mood turns from fun to frustrating. 

  1. No indication of solving the puzzle 

When your players have successfully solved a problem, what happens next? Does a door unlock? Or does a box pop open at the other side of the room? Whatever it is, there needs to be some signpost to it otherwise your players could spend the rest of the game looking for the outcome of a clue they’ve already solved.

  1. Bad lighting 

Getting the lighting right in an Escape Room is essential. While you may want to keep the lighting low to create a certain mood and atmosphere, you don’t want the player’s enjoyment to wane because of it. Think about the clues in the room, can your players see the number on a padlock in low light? If you have glow-in-the-dark paint on the walls, is the room sufficiently dark for players to see this? If you use coloured lights, make sure that any text is a different colour so it’s not overshadowed by the colour of the light. 

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