CommercialAugust 2, 2018

How do you watch over your Escape Room contestants?

No matter how perfectly put-together your Escape Room puzzles are, you never know how guests will approach a challenge. They may fail to work out what a clue is asking them to do next, get a mathematical puzzle wrong, or simply hit a mental roadblock.

But leaving guests stuck for too long on a brainteaser they just can’t fathom will waste their time, stall the game and can be very frustrating for paying contestants who may then leave unsatisfied.

So how do you move them on to the next puzzle?

The first challenge is knowing when your guests are having difficulties. Few Escape Rooms leave their guests entirely to their own devices, but there are a couple of options when it comes to watching over them…


One option is for your room host to remain present while guests complete the puzzle. This would work well if the host is in character or forms part of the storyline. However, this may be intimidating for players – if you plump for this technique, consider placing the host behind a window, perhaps styled as a Zoltar fortune teller machine or as a ‘magic mirror’ which can be digitally frosted over.

Hidden microphones and cameras

It’s easy enough to install audio mics and cameras in each room. High-quality options are available which won’t break the bank. This allows the room host to observe everything from next door, without cramping guests’ style.

Now you’ve decided how to keep an eye out, next consider is how you will deliver those hints, tips and nudges. One clear way is to mount a TV screen in each room and connect it to a laptop, allowing the room host to digitally project words and images. Alternatively, a PA system could allow them to speak directly to the team, though this may break the atmosphere.

Remember to give hosts guidelines for the hints and tips they can give, although there’s no need to cap the number allowed – you may well find different guests require drastically different amounts of help.