Escape RoomsNovember 2, 2020

How Escape Room owners are going virtual during COVID-19 

There’s no escaping it, Escape Rooms require interaction. But in a world where physical contact has become increasingly limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Escape Room owners have been required to adapt their offering to keep their customers safe. We take a look at the different ways innovative Escape Room businesses have gone virtual, potentially changing the landscape of Escape Rooms and the possibilities for diversification permanently in the midst of these testing times.  

360-degree experience 

In Newport, Escape Room owners have launched a virtual reality gaming room. This fully immersive experience is the first of its kind in the area and allows their customers to be transported into the world of video games. Players use a VR headset to enter the game, giving them 360-degree access to a whole new world, where they can solve problems and complete challenges either individually or as a team. Having received financial support from their local council to expand its new venture, and thanks to a loyal client base, the business is doing better than ever. 

One-man job 

After the Florida-based Rock Avenue Escape Room closed in March due to lockdown, the owner had to quickly think on his feet to keep his business alive. He decided to make himself the eyes and ears of his customers by strapping a mobile phone to his head and taking on the role of a small-town mayor working to crack a missing person’s case. The players take part over a Zoom call and guide the mayor with voice commands to sift through clues and open locks. It has already proved a huge success, with tickets selling out for months at a time between March and June, and is still available through the company website, along with a new similar experience where players take a journey with a town reporter who has built a time machine. 

Planting clues across cyberspace 

At Deadlocked Escape Rooms, the owners are now offering a multi-media Escape Room adventure which can be played solo or in a team. This involves players printing documents to access clues, trawling through social media to break codes or achieve objectives and interacting with custom interfaces. In the spirit of teamwork, the company has teamed up with their favourite brewery, Siren Craft Brew, who have put together an exclusive case of their favourite beers to be bought alongside the game if players desire. 

How has your Escape Room adapted over COVID-19? If you’ve made any major changes to your business over the past year, you may be due a review of your existing Escape Room Insurance. At The Insurance Centre, we specialise in working with Escape Room owners to find a policy that fits the unique requirements of your business. To book your review today, just call our friendly team on 01524 848506.