CommercialApril 23, 2020

How microbreweries are adapting amidst COVID-19

As pubs, bars and other hospitality venues are now temporarily closed, around 80% of many brewery’s trade has disappeared overnight. For small breweries with tight margins, the Government-enforced UK lockdown has caused significant financial concerns, forcing microbreweries to adapt in order to survive. We take a look at how some innovative small brewery owners have changed their business models in order to generate income during these testing times. 

Can delivery service 

Popular brewery and taphouse in Birmingham, GlassHouse Beer Co, has introduced a can delivery service for those in isolation. To avoid interaction, payments can be taken in advance and the cans can be left outside of people’s homes in a safe area. Within the first 24 hours of the scheme’s introduction, the brewery saw pre-orders of £2,500. 

Drive-through drinks 

Hogs Back Brewery has introduced a drive-through service for their customers which allows customers to place their order from a safe distance and have their beer loaded into their boot. Owner Robert Thompson saw a great response to the scheme and says their customers have embraced both their drive-through and home delivery options. BrewDog has also launched a similar service named ‘BrewDog Drive Thru’ available through a handful of their nationwide bars.  

Cyber beer festival 

In order to support brewers during COVID-19, Craft beer discovery club, Beer 52, has organised the world’s first online beer festival aptly named ‘Cyber Fest’ which can be enjoyed from the ticket holder’s own living room. On purchasing a ticket, attendees will be sent a case of 12 craft beers in advance which can then be sampled during the live-streamed beer festival. During the festival, Editor of Beer52’s house magazine ‘Ferment’ will hold interviews with the brewers of each beer. The tickets are selling for £45.00 which includes the cost of the 12 craft beers. You can find out more here. 

Take-home Taproom 

Harrogate-based brewery, Roosters, has launched a ‘Take-home Taproom’ in response to the pubs closing over COVID-19 social distancing measures, allowing customers to make their own pub atmosphere at home. Their package includes 15 of their own beers, four pub snacks, a pub quiz, an embossed beer glass and details of how to access their playlist, specially curated with each beer in mind. The company is selling this via their online shop for £35. Other breweries are offering similar packages, including Signature Brew’s ‘Pub in a Box’ kits. 

Gift vouchers  

In a bid to support local businesses during these testing times, consumers are buying gift vouchers for their friends and family for them to use once they reopen. Many microbreweries are now making digital gift cards available for loyal customers to buy for future use. 

Supporting microbreweries during COVID-19 

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