PersonalAugust 2, 2018

London is the top travel destination for international visitors, according to Trivago

Scotland is the second most obvious destination for international visitors coming to the UK according to data released by popular travel search site, Trivago.

London was the first destination of choice for tourists coming from the wider global community, followed by Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The capital was also the first choice for city-breakers in the UK, with Edinburgh again coming in second in the domestic travel polls.

Germany yielded the most tourists to the UK, followed by Australia, Italy and America in equal numbers.

Top 10 countries for UK tourism

  • Germany – 14%
  • Australia – 8%
  • Italy – 8%
  • America – 8%
  • Ireland – 7%
  • Canada – 7%
  • Spain – 5%
  • The Netherlands – 5%
  • France – 4%
  • Sweden – 4%

The data showed that international visitors were drawn to the big cities, with a collective travel itinerary comprising of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester.

Domestic tourists, however, looked to be making a break for the beach. After London and Edinburgh, Blackpool, and Bournemouth proved to be the most popular spots.

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