PersonalFebruary 25, 2015

North West Auctions Celebrations

Friday 20th February saw us attend and sponsor NWA Auctions 50th Anniversary Show and Sale.

With lots going on our sales team who attended had a great day up on site and we would like to congratulate the winners from all the sales held throughout the week both at Junction 36 as well as the Lancaster auction site. Particular congratulations go to those lucky recipients who received one of the winning hampers that were sponsored by ourselves.

The team from The Insurance Centre are regularly up at the Lancaster site, generally for Friday sales every couple of weeks where you are welcome to stop by for a chat to discuss any of your insurance requirements.. or to even help yourself to a free pen or mug!

As you will see from the boards, banners and leaflets located around the Lancaster site, we have first hand experience in the farm and agricultural insurance market and are able to offer you a range of products from a panel of insurers.

In addition to the farm combined and farm fleet policies that you will be familiar with we can also provide you with specialist policies such as the smallholders policy we have available that is aimed at a limited number of acres or the Rural Protect product we can offer which is a specialist insurance policy for the rural business community designed to protect the specific interests of rural businesses.

Whatever your insurance needs we are here to help

For more information regarding the Rural Protect policy please click here