CommercialAugust 2, 2018

Pop-up Escape Rooms: Pros and Cons

Escape Games can take place in a variety of locations, from rickety old houses to spacious warehouses. When it comes to creating an atmosphere, the more unusual location, the better.

Recently, a trend has emerged for mobile Escape Rooms in pop-up locations. Whether it’s a custom-built trailer which you physically move to new locations or a game which can be set up in various places, there are several business benefits to this model.

It brings your game to new audiences, allows regular theme refreshes and offers the opportunity for party and event hire.

However, you will need to make sure your insurance addresses these short-term business needs and covers the risks of each new environment. For example:

• External locations: App sensation Pokémon Go, and high-energy real-world scavenger hunt City Dash, have both proved that using the great outdoors as a game backdrop can be highly engaging.

• Insurance considerations: Public liability risks increase, as uninvolved members of the public are more likely to be caught up in the action. Uncontrollable real-world dangers may also increase your players’ exposure to risk.

• Property damage: If you are setting up shop in a rented building or taking part in a pop-up event, you’ll need to be careful not to damage the property – either through setting up of your puzzles or during game-play.

• Insurance considerations: Make sure the organisers have accidental damage cover in place and have made clear what insurance you are responsible for to prevent costs in the event of property damage.

• Moving trucks: Escape Rooms built directly into vans, trucks and trailers can be a convenient way to create a game which re-locates. Modular puzzles which require some rebuilding on arrival will also need to be transported safely from A to B.

• Insurance considerations: If your business involves moving a vehicle, it will need to be insured for work use. Multiple vehicles can be added to a business fleet policy.

When setting up a mobile Escape Game, you will need the flexibility to amend your cover when your business requirements change. A broker specialising in Exit Rooms can advise you on these unusual needs. Talk to The Insurance Centre today on 01524 848 506.