CommercialAugust 2, 2018

Promoting your Escape Room

So you’ve opened your Escape Room or launched your latest theme, but how do you let people know it’s there? Traditional advertising can work wonders, from bus stop posters to door-drop flyers, but some more off-the-wall promotion ideas can grab even more attention.

People visit escape rooms for all sorts of different reasons – that’s why so many different formats work well. Logic puzzles for the quizzers after a challenge, tense experiences for horror movie fans or themed rooms for sci-fi fanatics – think about the theme of your room and decide what might grab your audience’s attention.

Real-life gameplay 

If you’ve partnered with a video game, film or book franchise, advertising your game as a chance for fans to experience that universe in real life can prove irresistible. Last year Disney launched a pop-up escape experience to promote Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, while HBO’s multi-room installation promoted Game of Thrones, Veep and Silicone Valley at once.

Social media

It’s arguable that word-of-mouth has been replaced by word-of-social-media, so if your potential audience is on Instagram and Twitter, make sure you are too! Encouraging players to take a photo when they complete the game with signs bearing their completion time almost guarantees a photo finish.


Everybody loves a freebie. Perhaps you could throw a launch party with taster games, pop-up food stalls and free Prosecco, or you could send a street team out to hand out discount vouchers.

Storm the city centre

If you really want to grab attention, how about organising a flash mob in your city or town? Themed to the title of your room, for example, a hoard of zombies to promote an outbreak game, it is sure to create an unmissable spectacle – but make sure you pick a location that won’t cause too much disruption, and if you expect big crowds inform local authorities beforehand.

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