CommercialDecember 1, 2014

Staying safe on the roads

Winter often brings us ice and snow on the roads, making driving conditions difficult. Taking a few minutes to prepare your car now could save a lot of time and trouble when the bad weather hits – and reduce your chances of being involved in an accident or breaking down.

Check your car is in good working order before setting off, particularly the lights, and make sure there’s enough fuel for the journey. Also, check your tyre treads — less than 1.6mm is illegal, but the deeper the better for keeping control on snow and ice.

Fill your washers with a high-grade screen wash to avoid freezing — never try to defrost your windscreen with hot water as you could crack it — and check your oil and water. Stock up with a few winter driving essentials, such as a de-icer, ice scraper, blanket, torch, coat and gloves, boots, old carpet/car mat and a shovel. It’s also a good idea to take a hot flask too.

When you’re actually on the road, always leave plenty of space between you and the car in front — stopping in snow and ice can take up to 10 times the usual distance. And drive gently. To avoid spinning, accelerate very gently and if you start to skid, pump your brakes to stop the wheels locking. Ultimately, if the forecast or conditions are bad, only drive if your journey is absolutely necessary.


Source: AVIVA ‘Stay safe this season – Winter’