CommercialAugust 9, 2022

The history of axe throwing 

As the popularity of axe-throwing venues continues to rise, this new and exciting sport has gotten the public’s attention. But is it really as new as we think? 

When did people start throwing axes? 

As some of the oldest tools known to man, back in prehistoric times, axes were thought to be used for hunting and weaponry. While we cannot say exactly when throwing axes rose in popularity, historians believe it was somewhere around 400-500 AD. Once again, these axes were used as weapons but rather than throwing away an essential tool on a battlefield, it’s thought that it was most frequently in hunting. Stealthy hunters used the axes to catch prey rather than risk losing their meal by approaching closer. 

The popularity of axe throwing in Europe increased in the Middle Ages and was often used by knights and foot soldiers in battles. The type of axe used in the battle was called a Francisca, which with its curved handle, was designed to be thrown over a shield wall. 

Throwing axes for sport  

In 19th Century North America, there was a boom of logging camps, a transitory work site for lumberjacks to live and work to fell trees in designated areas. What started as casual axe-throwing competitions over their lunch break was shaped into something much bigger. Proper competitions started springing up across the country, sparking friendly rivalry between fellow logging camps. 

In the 1940s, these became the united multi-disciplinary competitions of Loggersports. 

Axe throwing in the modern day 

Today, axe throwing is still incredibly popular in many countries, governed by administrative bodies including WATL to IATF. While we’re yet to see it make it into the Olympics, it is continuing to gain momentum, with many taking huge enjoyment out of visiting designated axe-throwing venues across the country. After all, it’s of the most deep-rooted sports in our history! 

Insurance for Axe Throwing Venues 

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