Escape RoomsSeptember 17, 2019

Thinking of starting a rage room? Here’s what you need to consider

Whether you already have booming Escape Room business and you’re looking to expand your offering or you want to start a Rage Room from scratch, here are some pointers to get you started.

  • Safety is key


The most important consideration for any Rage Room owner is safety. Even if your customer has signed a disclaimer, this does not put you in the clear if they suffer an injury as a result of your negligence. Make sure you provide all the gear your customer needs to avoid injury, including heavy-duty protective suits, gloves, masks and body armour. Consider how many rooms you will be running and the maximum amount of people you can host at the same time and ensure you have enough safety gear for everyone, even when at full capacity.

It goes without saying that smashing glass, wooden objects and technical equipment comes with risk, so you need to ensure you mitigate this. You also need to account for staff who may need to access the room during the activity or afterwards for the clean-up. Health and safety awareness is vital for every business, so it pays to be vigilant at all times.

  • Considering room design


While the majority of items in your Rage Room will be free for customers to destroy, there will be some things you want to keep safe from harm. These will include lighting, cables, switches, walls, air-conditioning units, television screens, speakers and anything else which would not withstand an untimely blow from a baseball bat. Although it may go without saying, your room will ideally be free of windows and anything of importance should be reinforced to avoid damage.

Many Rage Rooms keep the design of the room to a minimum, simply placing the items in the centre of the room for customers to smash. If you want to make your room stand out from the crowd, you could consider giving it a theme to enhance the experience. For example, it could resemble a dark back-alley, a typical office or even a laboratory.

  • Sourcing scrap items


As a Rage Room owner, you will need a place you can rely on to source scrap items for free or at the cheapest price possible. Get in touch with your local scrap dealer or recycling service as it’s likely you can strike a deal to get the equipment you need before its recycled. It’s also worth contacting local office fit out companies, visiting local charity shops and asking for donations online.

You will also need to consider where you will store your scrap items before they are used, and where you will store the waste after they’ve been smashed up.

  • Choosing your weapons


Many Rage Rooms allow customers to choose from a selection of weapons, including baseball bats, sledgehammers and golf clubs. While it’s a great idea to offer your customers some choice, consider the safety implication of the weapons you provide before making them available. For example, instead of a metal bat, it may be wiser to provide a plastic bat which has less chance of having a shock impact on your customer’s wrist and forearms or rebounding from the scrap items.

  • Cleaning Equipment


Breaking stuff is messy work which means your customers will be leaving your Rage Room in a bit of a state once they’ve finished with it. Remember, the room will be chockful of broken glass, parts with ragged edges and debris so you and your staff must be sufficiently protected. You will also need to purchase or hire cleaning equipment which is up to the job to ensure a fast turnaround. It’s worth setting up an arrangement with your local waste recycling service to dispose of all the remnants safely.

  1. Creating an experience

Many Rage Room businesses offer a recording service, so their customers can keep a video copy of their experience to show their friends. Music is a great way of enhancing the atmosphere in a Rage Room and even more so if you allow your customers to play their own playlist via Bluetooth. For those who don’t come prepared, you could create some playlists in advance for them to choose from. Think heavy metal, jungle or even switch things up with an operatic medley in true Clockwork Orange style.

Is your rage room up and running? Or are you still in the planning stage? Whether you’re at, you will need to make sure your insurance is right from the outset. From liability to building and contents cover, The Insurance Centre can help you get the right features and levels of cover to protect your Rage Room business. To find out more, get in touch here.