CommercialAugust 2, 2018

What does a loss adjuster do?

If you’ve ever wondered about the role of a loss adjuster in the insurance claim process, this useful guide will explain what one does and when you might need one.


  • What is a loss adjuster?

Loss adjusters are sent out to the sites of major insurance claims, such as a fire or flood in a home or business premises.

Their job is to investigate insurance claims on behalf of the insurer, visiting the property in order as soon as possible after a claim is logged to obtain all the necessary facts.


  • What are they looking for?

The loss adjuster is trying to determine

  • The cause of the incident
  • The value of the loss
  • Whether your insurance is adequate to cover the loss
  • Whether you have met the terms and conditions of your policy
  • That the amount of the claim is reasonable

They can also advise on safety and security measures to mitigate any further losses. This will all help ensure the correct settlement is paid to you.


  • Are they impartial?

Loss adjusters work for the insurer, though industry body codes of conduct demand impartiality.

You can also employ a private loss adjuster, or loss assessor, to act on your behalf.

If you have Loss Recovery insurance in place as part of your commercial cover, you’ll be provided with an independent insurance professional to represent you and manage your claim.


  • Will a loss adjuster result in a quicker settlement?

If you’ve suffered a substantial loss, assessing your claim can be a lengthy process.

You can speed it up by supplying receipts for any emergency repair work that was carried out following the incident, proof of ownership for lost or damaged items, and retaining any damaged items themselves.

Do not throw anything away until the loss adjuster has visited, as it’s all evidence which will support your claim.


If you need to make an insurance claim, contact The Insurance Centre who’ll be able to offer advice and assistance.

We can also arrange Loss Recovery insurance, which provides access to a loss adjuster to prepare, present and negotiate your claim on your behalf. Get in touch to find out more.