CommercialSeptember 8, 2021

Why now is the time to promote your rage room

Stress has become a part of our everyday lives, and the pandemic has undoubtedly exacerbated people’s mental wellbeing and caused extra pressure. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Simply Health Wellbeing Survey in March – 37% of respondents said stress-related absence had increased in the last 12 months.  

If you own a rage room, now is the perfect time to market it when people are looking for ways to destress. 

How should you market your rage room?

During the pandemic, people have upped their social media and digital use. The Digital 2021 Global Overview Report found that since January 2020, active social media usage has increased by 13%, which equates to 490 million users. 

Get creative on TikTok

It’s been the most talked about social media platform during Covid, with an expected 13M individual UK users in 2021. The #rageroom hashtag has more than 150M views on TikTok. Creating short, engaging videos of your rage room experience on the app could open it up to a huge new audience.

Utilise Instagram Reels

Hot off the heels of TikTok, after pilots in Brazil, France and Germany, Instagram introduced its Reels feature to 50 countries in August 2020. As well as posting short videos on TikTok, share them on Instagram Reels to extend your reach. 

Don’t underestimate Facebook

It may be one of the older social media platforms, but Facebook is not to be forgotten. Two thirds – 66% – of the entire UK population are Facebook users. The Teaching Company wanted to encourage people to learn something new in lockdown. Using Facebook photo ads, between March 15 and April 30, 2020 the business generated 5,540 subscriptions, increasing their average monthly subscriptions to more than 10 times the year before. 

Who should you market your rage room to?

When you’re producing any marketing collateral, be it on social media sites or via traditional advertising, such as billboards, you always want to have an audience in mind. So, as a rage room owner, who should you be targeting? 

Key workers

Emergency services have unquestionably been on the front line of the stress and trauma brought about by Covid-19. One hospital in Oregon in the USA set up a plate-smashing booth to help its staff relieve the pressures of the pandemic. You could look at promoting your rage room to key workers to help them blow off some steam. You may even want to consider offering them a discount. 

Fitness lovers 

Did you know throwing furniture burns as many calories in an hour as weightlifting? And bashing a computer expels the same amount of energy as being on the rowing machine for 60 minutes? Targeting gym goers and fitness fanatics, highlighting the physical and mental benefits of using a rage room could bring in a different kind of clientele to your business. 

Ladies day

Rage room businesses, such as Battlesports in Canada, Anger Games in Milan and Fury Room in Paris have said that 60 to 80% of their clients are female. It has been surmised that this could be because women feel more uncomfortable expressing their anger openly, compared to men. 

How can you expand your offering? 

Independent marketing agency iD found that 84% of UK consumers said they wanted to try new brand experiences post-lockdown. To increase your revenue and make the most of your site space, have you thought about other attractions you can provide for customers? 

Escape room 

A close relation to rage rooms, if you have extra room at your premises, they could be an enticing addition. From Sherlock Home style mysteries to solve to Harry Potter escape rooms, the world is your oyster when it comes to the type of experience you can offer. 

Axe throwing bar 

Urban axe throwing is a hot new trend, where consumers throw axes from rural areas into the city. Venues offering this unique experience have been popping up in Manchester, London and Birmingham. Does your venue have unused space for your own axe throwing endeavour? 

Zombie experience  

Zombie experiences are extremely popular, especially around Halloween. Venues hire actors to become the walking undead for the night, providing an immersive horror experience for thrill seekers. While they can be time consuming to organise, zombie experiences costs range between £50 to £100 per person, meaning they can be a lucrative event. 

Do you own a rage room? If you’re looking to review your current insurance, our specialists at The Insurance Centre are here to help. We know what goes into running a rage room and the risks involved. If you want to make any changes, we can ensure these remain covered under your policy. To find out more, get in touch here.