Farm & AgriculturalSeptember 8, 2020

Why supporting local farmers is more important than ever

COVID-19 has presented a whole host of issues for farmers across the industry. Wool farmers have been dumping wool as profit margins collapse, dairy farmers were forced to throw away milk due to a major supply chain disruption and many struggled as the demand from the restaurant industry disappeared virtually overnight.

Yet, throughout this adversity, it has become even more evident that farmers have a pivotal role to play in the UK and will perhaps pave the way for more people to continue to buy local produce in the future over imported goods.   

How you can support local farmers

Shop locally

Rather than opting for the convenience of a supermarket, buy directly from local farms and greengrocers who are more likely to buy their stock at a fair price.

Know your labels
Many supermarkets label their produce as ‘farm fresh’ or a similar equivalent in order to connote local associations when, in reality, the produce was exported in from abroad. Look for the British Lion on your eggs and the Red Tractor Logo alongside the British flag to ensure your food was produced in British farms.

As a result of COVID-19, the UK is facing a potential shortage of 80,000 workers which means many would welcome an extra pair of hands. Why not ask around your local farms to see what you can do to help out in your spare time?

Reduce waste
Did you know that one third of food grown in the UK is never eaten? Plan your meals, use your leftovers and shop more carefully. Reducing food waste is essential for improving sustainability and helping the environment; the longer term impact of this greatly benefiting farmers.

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