Escape RoomsSeptember 17, 2019

The rise of Rage Rooms – why have they become so popular?

Rage Rooms, also known as ‘Anger Rooms’, ‘Smash Rooms’, ‘Wreck Rooms’ or simply ‘that place to go smash things’, are thought to have originated in Japan as a form of anti-stress therapy. The original concept was to provide stressed workers with a safe place where they could hurl crockery against concrete slabs in order to relieve their frustrations. Visitors could choose what they wanted to destroy, whether that be a small teacup or a larger dish and would pay a set sum based on the size of the item they chose.

Beating recession-blues

Around the time of the first recorded Rage Room in 2008, Japan’s economy had fallen into recession. This resulted in severe business cut-backs, higher levels of unemployment and less stability for lower-income workers. These effects all accumulatively increased the levels of frustration amongst Japan’s workers. The idea of the Rage Room appealed to those wanting somewhere to go to release their pent-up anger in a controlled environment. The simplicity of going into a room to unleash stress by breaking things was a stark but welcome contrast to the complexities of the social economy.

Gaining global appeal

Since the first Rage Rooms became a success in Japan, the concept slowly began to gather steam worldwide including Russia, Serbia, Australia, across the USA and throughout Europe. The idea behind these venues remained more or less the same in that they acted as a place for people to go to ‘smash things’; yet, now rather than teacups, visitors could smash anything from printers, televisions and computer keyboards to vent their anger.

Facilitating wider groups

The majority of Rage Room venues now offer packages for their customers to choose from, with varying items provided for them to destroy. This allows them to accommodate couples and larger groups who want a larger selection and wider variety of items to smash up. For couples, visiting a Rage Room has even been cited as a great alternative ‘date night’ activity.

The future of Rage Rooms

While Rage Rooms are already kicking off in the UK, the concept is still novel to many. At The Insurance Centre, we predict that those at the forefront of the UK Rage Room movement will see great progress as Rage Rooms move more into the mainstream. As well as the potential for themed rooms, Rage Room owners may consider future collaborations with nearby businesses to offer an exclusive package to guests, as well as appealing to a wider demographic through targeted marketing.

Insuring your Rage Room

Due to the nature of the industry, many insurers will be concerned about safety and liability implications and may unnecessarily ramp up your premium. Our team at The Insurance Centre strive to arrange competitive cover for your business, with a policy that includes the features you need to properly protect your business. With specialised Rage Room Insurance, you will benefit from suitable levels of liability and personal injury cover, as well as other features such as damage to your building and its contents. To find out more, get in touch here.